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Rock Hill, SC 29732

The most efficient way to keep a healthy landscape.  We utilize Water Smart Technology to save money.

Landscape Installation
Total property transformation.  From simple plant installation to total property makeover.

Fertilization Lawn & Turf Program
Treat your turf with a complete fertilizer and pesticide program. 


Tree & Shrub Pruning
Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape.

Landscape Lighting
Installing low voltage landscape lighting is one such idea that immediately increases the usability of your property.

Property Preservation
Full Service Property Preservation teams for your REO & OREO needs.  Secure, Rekey, Winterization, Cleanouts, Force Evicts, Haul offs, Pool Pumps, Repairs, and Landscape services throughout the Carolinas and Georgia.

Hardscape Installation
Any permanent structure incorporated into a landscape is considered a Hardscape.

Mosquito Control
Have an outdoor living space you can enjoy without pesky mosquitoes. 

Lawn Maintenance - Residential /Commercial
A landscape that´s beautifully designed and carefully maintained enhances the value of any property.